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Sunday 12:00 – 4:00
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Closed on major holidays and December 26th

A Little About McKinney Wine Merchant

Opened in April of 2011 – and a significant part of Historic Downtown McKinney’s renaissance about that time – McKinney Wine Merchant has built reputation with quality selections, service and pricing that, today, places it among Texas’ top independent wine shops in terms of volume and customer experience.

Raised in Northern California, nearly-always-present owner Andy Doyle draws upon a 20+ year career in sales roles with numerous wineries, a savant’s knowledge of the business, and a genuine commitment to “connect wine lovers with achievements in winemaking” to curate a stock of labels without compare in Collin County. The inventory and presentation is recognized by visiting wine professionals as the sort of shop found largely on the coasts. As says Doyle, who blind tastes as many as fifty wines per week in his selection process, “I like to think I’m good at finding good wine” and “it’s as much about what’s NOT in the store as what is”.

Aside from maintaining a range of fine and uncommon wines from around the world, priced from $8.99 to $400, McKinney Wine Merchant offers:

  • Best-in-Business Special Order service. Looking for that hard-to-find or memorable bottle? If it’s distributed in Texas, we’ll likely locate it for you
  • Commitment to listen to and advise even the most novice guests to connect them with the sort of wine they’re looking for at a price they’re comfortable with
  • Local delivery in and near McKinney – usually made before or after store hours. $15 fee
  • 10% discount on 6+ bottles of in-stock wines mix and match. A few low-balled items excepted
  • Wine-of-Month Club (several tiers to choose from) and “Cab & Slab” Steak-and-Wine-of-the-Month Club in partnership with famed local butcher, Local Yocal Farm to Market
  • Eloquence, humor, competence and concern uncommon upon the contemporary retail landscape
  • Customer parking in the private lot to the rear of the store

Quick Tips

What's the right wine for this meal?

The matter of food and wine pairing is best addressed during a personal consultation with a former sous chef and current wine retailer such as McKinney Wine Merchant but if you want to wing it, consider this: If you’re having a cookout or doing generous appetizers in a stand-up party format just get a variety of 3-5 fun wines that people can slosh around: Malbec, Zinfandel, Cote-du-Rhone, Valpolicella, Almansa for red – Whites might include one light and one bolder Chardonnay a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris.

What's the deal with screw-caps?

If 200 years ago there were an economic way to place a metal, threaded, sealing closure on a bottle we would only know cork as something our grandfathers’ outfitters had used to make fishing bobbers from. Cork is a wood product harvested from trees. Despite all the effort to insure sterility, living organisms frequently survive the trip from tree to bottle and often proliferate to ruin wine. Traditionalists view the screw cap as something jaundiced fingers tremble away at to access cough-syrup/moonshine hybrids in alleyways or beneath bridges. Pragmatists view them as a clean and convenient closure for some really tasty wines. Retailers don’t take a position.